Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bad Dad

I don't know about in your household, but in ours, Dad does things differently than I do.  Is this a bad thing? Is he a "bad dad?" 

In the hilarious children's book, Bad Dad by Derek Munson, Dad also does a lot differently than Mom. Dad lets the kids keep their rooms however the like it (messy!), bans brussel sprouts from the table, plays ball inside the house, lets the kids stay up late and watch scary movies....he's bad, that dad.  Dad even falls asleep on the couch because he was up late playing video games. Again. 

But is he really that "bad?" 

No, of course not!  Just like in my household, different doesn't mean bad. Sure, there are some things that Dad does that I have to laugh at (ice cream at 10 am on a Sunday doesn't seem like a great idea, especially before naps!) but Dad is his own character.  He parents on his own.  And that's the way it should be. Appreciating those differences (and sometimes laughing at them) can be healthy for everyone. 

In this book, Dad buys the children drum sets and lets them play even though they are loud, gets them a hamster, would fight grizzly bears, and always tries hard.  He's not that bad at all, actually.  He carries them to bed and makes them laugh. 

We just loved this book by Derek Munson, the same author who wrote Enemy Pie (reviewed on this blog several months ago.)  It's such a wonderful reminder to families everywhere that everyone does things differently and to appreciate Dad for all that he does.  It makes a great book to read with Dad for Father's Day! 

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