Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Story Blanket

Because I have been a customer at The Storybook Shoppe for a few years now, Miss Nancy has really gotten to know which books our family loves. It's not just me that she does this with.  She knows hundreds of local children and their parents and always provides personal recommendations based on their interests. It's one of the things I love most about this charming shop. 

The Story Blanket by Ferida Wolff, illustrations by Harriet May Savitz, is right up my alley (and therefore my son and daughters!) I tend to gravitate towards books about peace and harmony, the world being interconnected, sharing and love. I just like to read stories that teach these messages.  The Story Blanket is about Babba, a woman who reads to children on a beautiful story blanket each week.  One day she discovers a few of the children need socks, but she has no yarn.  As she unravels the story blanket to make nice warm socks for children in need, a scarf for the mailman, a shawl for the grocer, the blanket gets smaller and smaller. When the village people learn all that Babba has done for them, they return the favor. The blanket becomes big again with the help of a village. 

We enjoyed the whimsical illustrations in this picture book, too. Not overly realistic but simplistic and colorful -- just perfect for children. 

My four-year-old daughter, Molly, understood this story implicitly and I marveled at how she picked up on it so easily. We spent a few minutes after the story was finished talking about nice things to do for other people, what a "random act of kindness" is and how we could make the world a nicer place.  Really, we did! And I love that a book can genuinely spark that conversation. 

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