Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here's a book that I want to buy 10 copies of and give to each of my close friends that have children. It really is that good.  And if you have kids and don't read it and have tears in your eyes, or at least get choked up, I would really be shocked.  Someday by Alison Meghee and Peter H. Reynolds was recommended to me by Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe, and is the story of a mother's love and all of her wishes for her child to experience life to the fullest. Bring out the tissues and get ready! 

This story goes through each stage of a mother/child relationship. 

This is true, isn't it?  Sometimes I watch my kids sleep (though it sounded creepy to me before I was a parent, there's something about seeing your kid so peaceful and dreaming!) 

And then you don't count their baby toes and fingers anymore, and don't watch them dream as much. All kids grow up... 

And then children have their own children.... This page reads "Someday I will watch you brushing your child's hair." 

And then "someday, a long time from now, your own hair will glow silver in the sun. And when that day comes, love, you will remember me." 

This book made me think about my mom and how she is now watching me raise my own children. It made me think that she won't be here one day and how sad that made me!  It made me think that I will watch my daughter brush her children's hair one day, and then I won't be here one day either.  And then the cycle will continue, generation after generation.  

Life is incredibly short and something truly to be cherished. I want Molly and Connor to feel deep joy, feel alive racing, singing and swinging, explore nature and the world around them -- everything and more that this book said.  We absolutely love and cherish this book, and I couldn't recommend it more. 

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