Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Enemy Pie

If only world peace were as simple as this.  Enemy Pie by Derek Munson sure makes us think it's possible...

When a little boy is having trouble with Jeremy Ross, another boy who laughed at him when he struck out at his baseball game, had parties that he wasn't invited to, and the new kid on the block -- his Dad takes out his recipe for "enemy pie."   Then his Dad challenges him to spend the whole day with his enemy.  Soon enough the boys are playing basketball, throwing the boomerang, and playing in the tree house!

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When the pie is cooled and they're ready to eat it, the boy can't help but warn Jeremy of the pie!  But his Dad is eats it with gusto.  Enemy Pie isn't what it seems.

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This delightful book teaches 1st and 2nd graders the value of turning your enemies into friends.  It's a lesson about extending the olive branch and trying just a little bit harder to get to know someone.  Your enemy might after all just be your best friend.

Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe recommended this book to our family because she knows Molly loves whimsical illustrations and she's entering that "best friend" stage.  (Where it's very important to have a best friend. And if someone hurts your feelings or says something wrong instantly they aren't your best friend anymore!  I dislike every minute of it!)   When Molly says that someone "is mean" to her at school, I challenge her to make that person her "best friend."   This book is a great way to share that lesson.

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