Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am Abraham Lincoln

Any opportunity for a lesson I will gladly take with my children.  We read plenty of funny and entertaining books and plenty of more serious ones. Rarely does a book come across our shelf that is entertaining, serious, and educational.   Here's one that meets all three and it may even have changed my life (read on....) 

The series "Ordinary People Change The Word" by Brad Meltzer was recommended to us by Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe and it immediately came into favor to read to my nearly 5-year-old daughter, Molly. I am Abraham Lincoln is a children's biography of Abraham Lincoln. It's incredibly empowering. 

Molly identified with Abraham Lincoln, who stood up against a pack of bullies trying to hurt an innocent turtle.  She was confused (but then sympathetic) with a boat-full of slaves that Abraham Lincoln witnessed (and then sought to change.)  She was curious about what it means to be "on a penny" and President of the United States, and interested to hear about the Civil War.  (War is such an unfathomable topic for a child!) It's certainly a book above her head at only 5 years-old, but because of the way it was written, it somehow was understood. At least in part. 

Perhaps more understood by me, and more touching to me, were these words: 

"In life, strength can take many forms. But there is nothing quite as strong as standing up for someone who needs it. No matter where you are from, or how little you have, one thing that can never be taken away from you is your voice.  When you find something you believe in, use your voice. And when you see injustice, speak louder than you've ever spoken before.  When you do....It will never be forgotten." 

These words ring true to me. Over the last few years, I have been busy building a business, raising my children, focusing on my life.  That's the stage I am in and there's nothing wrong with that. Yet, I grew up with a mother and father (and generations before that) who were incredibly giving and active in our community.  My mother was the President of A Better Chance in Winchester, and countless other organizations.  In high school, I volunteered at a nursing home, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, I traveled to Africa and built homes for people in need.  I gave back.  I feel that over the last few years, I have lost that. And this book truly has reminded me that I am fortunate, I am blessed and it's time to do more for other people. 

Have you ever been inspired like this by a children's book? Or any book at all? How special would it be if we can empower our children at 5 years old? Or 10? I highly recommend this book and this series.  You can buy it here now, without leaving your home or computer!  Check out with Paypal below and we will take 10% OFF. 

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