Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Baby Tree

The question will inevitably come from your young child. It's only natural and in fact, it's very healthy. "Where do babies come from?" is that simple question that adults never seem to know how to answer when a child asks.  When is the right time to explain it? Here's a wonderful book that explains where babies come from simply and effectively.  It's age appropriate for 4 - 8 year old's.

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackwell is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book that answers one curious boys question, and every child that is reading it. The boy wants to know where babies come from, but he is getting all kinds of confusing answers from the mailman, his teacher, and his babysitter.

He finally gets the answer from his parents who explain that babies come from inside their mom, beginning with a seed from their dad.  I really love that the answer comes from his parents, not the mailman, teacher or babysitter. Here's a good opportunity to also explain that the best information comes from the most trusted source in your child's life: you!

Have you had to have this conversation with your children yet?  My 4-year-old daughter, Molly, asked it when she was just two years old. She brings it up every so often.  Now I have a wonderful book to clearly and simply explain it.  If you have struggled with this topic before like I have, I suggest you get this book! It also makes a great gift for kids who are expecting siblings, since that's a logical question during that time.

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