Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Book With No Pictures

If you are a fan of witty, humorous and clever books, please take note of this one! I'll file it under "awesome" in my list of children's books and so will my 5 year old daughter, Molly. It belongs in the ranks with The Day The Crayons Quit or Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus; it's that good!  Clever and appeals to both adult and child humor, The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak is a New York Times Best Seller for a reason. 

In The Book With No Pictures, there are no pictures. That should be fairly obvious but just in case you needed clarification, there really are no pictures.  This might seem strange for a children's book.  But the rules are simple: the person reading the book has to say exactly what the words say.  And boy, are the words, sentences, and songs funny! Molly had a strange and curious look on her face when I began it and then went to full giggle and belly laugh within pages. (She was practically on the floor when I read the word: BUTT. Why is "butt" funny to a 5 year old? It's good clean fun though!) 

Author B.J. Novak is a writer but is best known for his work on "The Office" as actor, writer, director and executive producer. He's also known for stand up comedy performances and other film work. A graduate of Harvard University, B.J. Novak is clearly a talented man!  Bravo, B.J.! We love this one. 

Please excuse the lack of photos in this post. The books has no pictures to share! 

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa from Cincinnati

Sure, there are plenty of books about Santa Claus delivering presents and making Christmas happen.  But how many books can you list that are the subject of Santa's childhood? How he grew up? What his parents were like? How he met Mrs. Claus and how he founded his toy shop?  Such is the wonderful tale of Santa from Cincinnati, by Judi Barrett and Kevin Hawkes. (Note: Judi Barrett is the author of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!) This one came recommended to our family by Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe, and it's an INSTANT holiday favorite. It's incredibly clever, thought provoking for little ones, and beautifully illustrated and captivating! 

You see, Baby Boy Claus was born in Cincinnati General Hospital at 12:02 AM on December 25. Just like any other baby in Ohio, really. 

Claus had a penchant for reindeer, carrying toys in sacks, and helping his father in his toy shop.  

His parents kept him normal by staying interested in a variety of other activities... They made sure he got his diploma, went to his senior prom, played in a rock band and participated in sports. 

Through the years as he made more and more toys, and received more and more lists, Claus came to be the beloved Santa Claus that we all know of. He fell in love and married Mrs. Claus in college, and hired a real estate agent to find him the perfect workshop. (Just imagining Santa Claus hiring a real estate agent made me laugh!) 

And who can resist this modern spin: GPS keeps Santa from getting lost! 

This is a WONDERFUL book for children. My daughter absolutely delighted in it! I highly recommend it. You can buy it right here, on our blog, by checking out below using Paypal. We will ship it to your door within days. As a thank you, we will take 10% OFF the list price! 

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?

It's so exciting to see The Storybook Shoppe all decorated for the holidays! The front table in the store is set with dozens of books for Christmas, Chanukah, and winter and it's such a delight for children to see. There's a beautiful tree decorated with ornaments, too. It's so festive!

For years I have always been impressed with the selection of holiday books at the store. Miss Nancy and her staff have a large selection of books for Chanukah which is so special for children of the Jewish faith. Today I am sharing a favorite Chanukah themed one, How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague. 

We just love how this book incorporates so many dinosaurs and so many Jewish traditions in a children friendly way. From singing prayers, taking turns with the dreidel, eating up latkes, and giving grandparents kisses, this book shows children how to behave and observe traditions. The monstrous dinosaurs manage to be cute, too! (We love him asleep the most. He almost looks cuddly!)  I love how the book also takes the angle of what "not to do" on the holiday.  Case in point here: 

You can buy this beautiful picture book right here on our blog! Just check out using Paypal below. The book will be shipped to you in plenty of time for Chanukah! Thank you for supporting Bluffton's independent children's bookstore!