Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One Cool Friend

Miss Bonnie at The Storybook Shoppe recently introduced our family to a real treat in children's literature. One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeco with pictures by David Small is a hilarious and quick-witted adventure of a boy who takes a penguin home from the aquarium. My 5 year old daughter, Molly, thought the quirky and eccentric father was a fun character (he is!) and we adored the illustrations, truly worthy of a Caldecott Honor. 

What fun would it be to have your own exotic pet? A penguin would be fun for a little one, wouldn't it? Ice skating, bathing, hanging out in the freezer... Molly seemed to think this all sounded like a funny idea. Read it to your children and ask -- what animal would you like to bring home from the zoo or aquarium? Let their imaginations go! 

We loved how this book stretched the imagination.  The author has taken the concept of taking a penguin from the aquarium all the way through -- from how the boy got there one day, how the boy arranged to sneak him out, how he fed the penguin, entertained it and kept it comfortable.  It has a hilarious ending that further solidifies that quirky Dad! 

The staff at The Storybook Shoppe highly recommends this one for our young readers with imaginations. It's perfect for boys or girls and makes a wonderful addition to any home library.  You can buy it now, right here on our blog, for 10% OFF! 

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