Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Lola

No doubt by now if you have school-aged children, they've headed off to the classroom to start a new school year.  Early September is such an exciting time! Children are enthusiastic about heading back and there's such promise in the air.  At The Storybook Shoppe, we think there is nothing more joyful than children who are passionate about learning and reading especially.  Here are my little ones, Molly (age 5) and Connor (age 2), who are at May River Montessori, just down the street from the Shoppe! We took these cute first day photos. Did you take some first day photos? We'd love to see them! 

This book, Little Lola by Julie Saab and David Gothard, was recommended to us by The Storybook Shoppe and is perfect for little ones (especially ages 4-6) who have just gone back to school.  It may spark some further enthusiasm as Little Lola, a cat, just adores school and has all sorts of adventures there! She loves riding on the school bus, story time, learning to read, arithmetic, the playground, playing with other children, and most of all - she loves share time!  We loved the mischievous adventure at share time when she introduces a mouse.... and you will too. It's quite funny! 

At a young age, it's rare to hear children who don't like going to school. On occasion, we will hear of some children who just "don't want to go" from time to time. This could mean a lot of things such as they aren't challenged enough, they find the work too difficult, they aren't getting enough sleep, there are changes going on at home. Though communication with parent and teacher is the best solution,  The Storybook Shoppe has a variety of books that help ease tensions and make attending school even more exciting. Reading to your children can help reduce anxiety and make it even more "fun."  We invite you to come in and see our wide selection of back to school books. (We are closed for some sprucing right now but we will reopen 9/22, please come see us then!) 

While you wait for us to reopen, you can buy Little Lola by Julie Saab right here on our blog, just by clicking below.  We will ship it directly to your door! As a thank you for supporting our store, we will give 10% OFF.  Happy reading and happy back to school time! 

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