Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Bears in a Boat

Are you a fan of David Soman's series Ladybug Girl? In the O'Regan household, we love the bold heroine in the series. We were introduced to his latest, Three Bears in a Boat, which is entirely different and in my opinion, even better.  My 5-year old daughter, Molly, loved it too. 

Three siblings go on an adventure of a lifetime in search of replacing their mother's broken sea shell. (The naughty bears broke it trying to get forbidden honey from the jar!)  The three bears sail on a boat to distant islands searching under water, in caves, and high and low for the perfect replacement. 

When things get rough and they start to blame each other, a terrible storm threatens their boat. And just as soon as they work together, cooperate and support one another, the storm clears and they are safe. It was a metaphor that was understood by my 5 year old.  It's smooth sailing when you work together. Rough seas when you don't. 

We loved the matriarch in this book, too. She's soft, caring and understanding when they return and admit what they have done. But in typical mom fashion, they still have some punishment and they don't get any dessert.  This brought a lovely reality to the book and showed consequences for their wrong actions. 

All in all, I loved everything about this book.  The illustrations are phenomenal, the story is well told, and the message is clear. I highly recommend this one to all of our Storybook Shoppe readers.  You can buy it here, right now on our blog by checking out with PayPal below.  Save 10% OFF and support a local independent bookstore, The Storybook Shoppe

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