Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emily's Balloon

There's is something magical about balloons for a youngster. Children love flying a balloon, sending it into the air, batting it around, tying it on their wrist and carrying it around with them.  There seems to be so much joy with this round, colorful "thing" floating in the air! I know my kids love them which is why I knew that Emily's Balloon by Komako Sakai would be a big hit when the staff at The Storybook Shoppe recommended it to me. It's a classic read in our house. We read it almost nightly to my 2-year old son, Connor. 

A little girl, Emily, loves her balloon so much that it comes outside with her to play house. She makes a crown for it. She takes that beloved balloon everywhere.  Which is why she's dreadfully sad when the wind takes the balloon and it gets stuck in a tree.  Emily can't eat, sleep, or play with the balloon anymore. But her reassuring mother promises to help fix the problem.  

The illustrations in this book are marvelous. The characters are done in charcoal lines and there is a muted color palate of black, white, grey, and hues of yellow.  The language reflects the simplicity of the illustrations making it very relevant to toddlers. 

I highly recommend this beautifully illustrated book about a child's love affair for balloons and a mother's promise to her child. Toddlers will love reading it over and over again, like Connor does.  And as your little ones start to read, this makes a great book for a beginner reader! It's available at The Storybook Shoppe in Bluffton, South Carolina or available buy checking out with Paypal right here on our blog. 

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