Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sarah Garland Toddler Books

Years ago when my daughter was about 18 months, Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe recommended Going to Playschool by Sarah Garland.  It was instantly a favorite at home.  The simple words and beautifully illustrated story were easily digested for an 18 month old.   She could relate to the story line quite easily.  A young boy and girl and their mother attend "playschool" where they paint, play dress up, pour sand, and do preschool activities together.

We loved the book so much that we got others in the series by Sarah Garland.   We put them all away when Molly was about two and half, she needed longer and more complicated stories, but my 20 month old son, Connor, found them recently.  He's truly hooked on them all and I am reminded of how wonderful they are. He calls the books "baby" (he looks for the little boy in red on every page whom he refers to as "baby"), pulls it down from the shelf and brings it over for me to read.  

Each story is extremely simple.  In Going Shopping, the family of three goes to the grocery store.  They load up the dog and drive down the street, go into the store, shop, and come home.  That's it.  But it's perfectly illustrated and simple, which is why I think Connor loves it.  Easy to understand and about every day familiar tasks that he can relate to -- all of these books are winners.  It's vocabulary that a toddler knows, and can easily repeat. 

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