Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You Know What I Love?

Do you remember what it felt like as a young child to play with your dolls?  I do. I laid my Cabbage Patch kids down for naps on dish towels (their beds!), sat them up as I taught them their ABC's on my easel, fed them, bathed them, and cared for them like they were real babies.  

You Know What I Love by author/illustrator/designer Lorena Siminovich, is a wondeful book recently recommended to us by The Storybook Shoppe. This book is about friendship, love, and having childhood fun with a doll.  It's a great book for girls who love and appreciate their dolls, just like I did, and just like my daughter is starting to. 

Photo: Dolls that inspired Lorena Siminovich's story! 

The story is written from a doll's perspective. It's a doll's charming tribute to her owner who takes her on special "missions" to the mailbox, takes her to exciting new places (a library!), plays in the deep blue sea (the bath!), singing songs while in traffic (toy cars all stacked up!) and more adventures together.

Playing with dolls as a young girl or boy shows an enormous amount of empathy, care for others, and demonstrates the beginnings of responsibility.  I love that this book encourages playing with dolls and honors that special bond that children form with them. 

The illustrations are flat and simple and perfect for young ages.  The words are not overly complicated and it's relatively short for those with quick attention spans.  We think that this book makes a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, coming up in a few weeks!

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