Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Over and Under The Snow

It's absolutely freezing here in Bluffton, South Carolina!  We are seeing record low temperatures here in the Lowcountry and we Southerners are just not used to such weather.  The kids seem to love it though. Although they cannot play outside for as long as they usually do, it is fun to bundle up with heavy coats, mittens and hats and feel the cold. 

The book Over and Under The Snow by Kate Messner, art by Christopher Silas Neal, was recommended to us by the staff at The Storybook Shoppe and is a perfect book for the winter weather, even though we don't have snow.  What's wonderful about a book is that we can pretend what it would be like to have snow, to ski, and what it must be like for all the animals that are hiding in the borrows to keep warm.  My 4-year-old, Molly, just adored this book. 

This beautifully illustrated winter wonderland story is about a girl and her father cross-country (and some down-hill!) skiing.  

Over the snow they travel on top frogs, bees, deer mice, voles, and more animals hibernating for winter.   What's in store for them this Spring? What are they doing to keep warm? All questions raised and great topics of conversation prompted page by page.  

Children's books are a great way to start conversations about various topics, and this book is no exception. In our house, we enjoy reading books that are "current" or reflective of what's happening around us (various seasons, holidays, events that are coming up) so this is perfect for winter.  And it's beautifully illustrated, I am cold just reading it.  Or maybe that's because it's 24 degrees here! 

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