Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish

Here's a book that will instantly bring the magic of Christmas to your home: The Christmas Wish by Lori Evert (with eye-popping photographs by Per Breiehagen) captivated my daughter, Molly and me, too!  It's a story about a little girl, Anja, who lives "in a place so far north that the mothers never pack away the wool hats or mittens."  Anja's lifelong dream is to become one of Santa's Elves and the story is about her pursuit to find Santa across the frozen tundra.

Her journey is made possible by a friendly bird, a talkative horse, a shy but strong ox, a cuddly polar bear, and a thankful reindeer.  Each animal has it's own persona and each is incredibly endearing.   Hard to say if we liked when Anja read to the polar bear the most...

Or if it was it was when they arrived early to meet a friend, and decided to take a nap together...

Or if we liked it when the horse gave her a ride because Anja was tired...

When Anja finally gets to the North Pole, her wish of meeting Santa Claus comes true! Santa Claus thanks her for making the long journey and tells her she is an extraordinary girl that brings kindness and joy to those around her all year long.  Then he asks if she will drive the sleigh!  This breath taking picture nearly convinces me of Santa....

When they arrive, Santa hands her a bell and tells her that if she ever needs anything, she should ring it.  A moment later, Anja awakes in her bed without any sleigh tracks or Santa, but she is holding a bell.   Readers are left wondering if it was all a dream.

My daughter absolutely loved this question, and it's an excellent transition into the topic of "is Santa Claus real?" I asked her if she believed the story was true and if Anja really made that incredible journey with all of those wonderful animals.

She had a wide smile after a moment and said - "MOM! It has to be true because the little girl was holding the bell!" Bravo, Molly!  This is a wonderful story about believing in the magic of Christmas.  We will treasure this story and it's spectacular, spectacular photographs for seasons to come. (Per Briehagen was a photographer for National Geographic, the photos are real.)

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The Christmas Wish


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