Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Library Lion

With our love of books and adoration of animals, Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe knew that Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen would touch our hearts.


We all know that there are some basic rules about being in a library.  No talking, eating, drinking or running, but what about a lion in the library? Head librarian Miss Merriweather doesn't see any rules about lions being in the library, so she allows him to come each day so long as he doesn't roar!

It turns out, a lion is very well suited for a library.  He makes a comfy backrest, he can help dust books on the top shelf, and the children love this gentle fictitious creature.  But what happens when Miss Merriweather has an accident and Lion is the only one there to get help?  Will he keep quiet and follow the rules of the library?

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This book is a shining example of how sometimes it's okay to break the rules if you need help.  It also demonstrates friendship, love and respect.  (There's also an excellent lesson about apologizing, too!) Kevin Hawkes beautifully illustrates this picture book with a soft and realistic style that pages homage to the calmness and peace of a library itself.

As The Storybook Shoppe gears up to sell children's books online on November 1st, we are making weekly book recommendations available to you immediately on our blog.  This book comes highly recommended by Miss Nancy and her staff, and the entire O'Regan family.  Buy it now and support The Storybook Shoppe, Bluffton, SC's first children's bookstore!

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Library Lion

Head on over to Michelle Knudsen's Facebook page and check her out or visit her on the web to learn more about this fabulous author and teacher.  Check out The Storybook Shoppe on Facebook, too! 

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