Wednesday, October 8, 2014

If Kids Ruled The World

Here's an opportunity for children everywhere to live in fantasy land!  Let your children dive into this book. Let them dive in a world where everyday is their birthday, cake is healthy, there's no bedtime, no monsters, they can wear whatever they want, travel in a pirate ship, even travel to space!  If kids ruled the world, they could have a bear for a pet. Everyone could be a princess, they would always find treasure, and always have recess at school. If kids ruled the world, they'd always be able to play.  What young child wouldn't love dreaming of ruling the world and all the possibilities beyond this book? 

Miss Bonnie at The Storybook Shoppe recently recommended this one to us and we fell in love! My 5-year-old daughter, Molly, really got a kick out of seeing all the things that were possible if kids ruled the world. We opened a discussion (as all good books help you do) about what would happen if there were no parents. What if kids really ruled the world. Would the world be a good place?  We even discussed what "responsibility" meant. 

I highly recommend this wonderful book by Linda Bailey and whimsical, fantasty-like illustrations by David Huyck, to anyone. You can buy it now, right here on our blog, for 10% OFF. Just check out using the PayPal button below and we will ship it directly to your door. 

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