Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Circle of Friends

We are so lucky that Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe recommended some fabulous new books for our family to enjoy.  My daughter Molly and I came home with a large stack and we sat down last night to dive in.  A Circle of Friends, by Giora Carmi, was among our stack.  Not knowing anything about the book, I opened up the cover and read the dedication. It reads:

"This book is dedicated to all the children in the world, to all the muffins, homeless people, birds, seeds, rain and flowers in the world."

Hmmmm.... I thought.  This is going to be weird.  Molly looked at me and asked -- "what's homeless?" Why muffins? Birds and seeds? 

The beautifully drawn book contains no words.  The viewer has to completely imagine the story based on the pictures.  I let Molly do all the work here.   As she turned the pages, she accurately dictated a story to me about a young child who gives a sleeping [homeless man on a bench] a muffin.  Who feeds the crumbs of the muffin to the birds, who plant a seed in a flower box, which grows into a beautiful flower outside the same boy's apartment.

Here's a story that teaches empathy and illustrates that a simple small act can set off a chain of events. One small act of good will can affect a community and your environment, and that good deed may even come back to you as a reward.

One day I will tackle the subject of homelessness with my children. But for now, I am pleased to see that her imagination and ability to tell stories is very powerful, and happier to see that she understands little acts can have a big impact.

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