Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love Waves

Rosemary Wells is one of the only children book authors that my 4 year old daughter, Molly, knows by name. The author and creator of the beloved series Max and Ruby is now in its 6th season on Nick Jr. While I fight the TV battle, the fact that the TV shows are also books sometimes works to my advantage, as Molly loves to read the books of episodes she's seen on TV..... And stories about a bossy sister and a curious brother, well, they are actually quite fitting for our family. 

When I was in The Storybook Shoppe the other day, I spotted "Love Waves" by Rosemary Wells and I didn't even have to read it before buying it.  In our house anything Rosemary Wells writes is a winner.  We got home to read it and found out she didn't disappoint.  Love Waves is a lovely story about the power of love and how it can travel across space and time.  Love will travel anywhere to find it's target. 

This story is wonderful for younger children perhaps starting daycare or preschool who are unsure of leaving Mom and Dad.   It's a great way to share the message that if Mom and Dad go away, you are still loved. My favorite part? "When we are far away or only down the hall, we will send you love waves, let them fall..."

The loving message is loud and clear!  And the bunny illustrations that Molly is so familiar with from Max and Ruby kept her very interested.   There's also a beautiful blue foil printing effect on each page that looks like the wind blowing to illustrate "love waves." 

The O'Regans highly recommend this book to Max and Ruby lovers, even though it's not part of the Max and Ruby series.  We recommend it to anyone looking for a loving and safe message for kids.  It also makes a great keepsake book for Valentine's Day!  You can buy it here on our blog for 10% OFF and we will ship it to your door. 

10% OFF plus tax and shipping 

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