Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Captain Cat

We love it when Miss Nancy and her staff at The Storybook Shoppe introduces us to a completely unexpected treasure!  First, it must be said that I am not fond of cats.  Or I should say that I love all animals and wish cats no harm, but I have always been a dog person and I would never gravitate towards a book about cats.  Of course because it's the exact opposite of how I feel, that makes my daughter enamored with cats.  And is also why I was surprised to really enjoy this story.

Captain Cat by Inga Moore is a charming tale about an explorer who travels off the charted course to a new and mysterious land with loads of cats in his boat.  The island is overridden with rats, quickly extinguished by the new cats from aboard Captain Cat's boat.  When it's time for the Captain to leave, the cats want to stay. They've made quite a home there! 

Even though the cats wish to stay on their own, in exchange for the cats, The Queen of the Island gives Captain Cat some of her treasure. When he returns home, he shows off this treasure to other explorers. Soon, everyone is looking for this majestic land of cats and jewels.    But what does the Queen of the Island give the new explorers when they finally reach ashore?  Kittens.

And Captain Cat realizes he is most happy with his cats, and his cats' cats, and his cats' cats' cats. And so he lives happily ever after on the island with the cats.

The O'Regan's love a good happily ever after!  And I even managed to like this one about an animal I am not partial to.  Perhaps that is what makes reading extra special -- appreciating something unexpected.  We love how with every book that Miss Nancy recommends to us, we are exposing our son and daughter to new subject matters, a wider range of vocabulary, and a sea of imagination.

As Molly drifted off to sleep tonight, I thought to myself:  Is she dreaming of all the places she'll explore one day?

That and, "oh, shoot....what if now she wants a cat?"

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