Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The day the crayons quit

Have you ever imagined what your crayons would say if they could talk?   A young boy, Duncan, gets to find out in this supremely humorous book by New York Times best selling author Drew Daywalt and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers

Miss Nancy at The Storybook Shoppe recommended this gem to our family several weeks ago and it has become a nightly favorite.  The story has prompted numerous discussions about things like the true color of the sun and if Molly's gray crayon might really be tired of coloring elephants!   While it may seem silly, any book that a 4-year old is talking about day in and day out is a winner to us!  And after watching his bio video, I may just be a little bit obsessed with the brilliant, Oliver Jeffers.  I think Drew Daywalt is pretty amazing too - there's a wealth of talent in that man! 

In this delightful children's book, Duncan learns all of his crayons are tired and ready to quit after receiving a pile of letters from them!  

Blue is just exhausted from coloring all of those bodies of water, gray wants to color more than elephants and hippos, and orange and yellow are in a fight over who is the real color of the sun!  Green is surprisingly not disgruntled.   He enjoys all of his work coloring dinosaurs, crocodiles, trees and frogs!  You will laugh out loud with your children page by page as you uncover all of the crayons human-like thoughts and feelings.

I fell further in love with this book and illustrator after watching Oliver's bio video.  He's brilliantly creative, funny, witty, and charming.   I want to buy all of his books and read them all after this one!  Sit back and get ready to laugh. 

Oliver Jeffers Author Film 2013 from Oliver Jeffers on Vimeo.

At The Storybook Shoppe we think children laughing over a book is glorious.  Early reading encourages a passion for reading that will last a lifetime.  This book is now available at The Storybook Shoppe and online at the end of this post.  By supporting The Storybook Shoppe, an independent children's book store located in Bluffton, South Carolina, you are supporting a local community and helping children thrive. We pride ourselves on person attention and hand picked stories. We highly recommend this treasure!


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